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What changes are occurring with ACEA requirements in 2022?

During 2022 ACEA is revising its specification requirements for Heavy-Duty Engines due to engine developments that are driven by a combination of regulatory, performance and necessary test maintenance requirements. New engine powertrain systems continue to offer fuel efficiency improvements and deliver the higher performance expected from users, whilst also meeting the latest stringent emission requirements.

New E8 and E11 categories are introduced, replacing the now obsolete ACEA E6 and E9 categories. In addition, ACEA E4 and E7 categories are updated with new piston deposit tests, replacing CEC L-101-09.

At the same time there is a small revision to the ACEA Oil Sequences for Light-Duty Engines. This revision of the 2021 ACEA Oil Sequences for Light-Duty Engines clarifies that TBN measurements are not required for the C2-21 category, and is consistent with the C2-16 category.