Industrial Lubricants

At Rock Oil, we understand the diverse requirements and challenging conditions various industrial sectors face. Our comprehensive range of industrial lubricants is designed to maximise the performance of your equipment while reducing downtime, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency.

Industrial Lubricants: High-Performance Solutions for Your Equipment:

Our industrial lubricants are formulated to the highest possible standards, delivering top performance even in extreme working conditions commonly encountered in industrial environments. The range offers a diverse selection of ISO viscosities to meet the unique requirements of industrial users. Our key sectors and product ranges include:

  • Metalworking Fluids: Advanced lubricants formulated to enhance cutting and grinding operations’ performance while ensuring tool life and surface finish quality.
  • Slide Way Lubricants: High-quality lubricants that reduce friction and wear in machine tool slideways, ensuring smooth operation and extended component life.
  • Industrial Gear Oils: Premium gear oils that provide exceptional wear protection, thermal stability, and resistance to micropitting for your industrial gearboxes.
  • Hydraulic Fluids: High-performance hydraulic fluids designed to maintain system efficiency, protect components, and extend equipment life.
  • Mould Release Fluids: Effective mould release agents that facilitate easy separation of products from their moulds, improving production efficiency and product quality.
  • Rock Drill Lubricants: Specially formulated lubricants for rock drilling applications, providing optimal performance and protection under demanding conditions.
  • Machine Oils: Versatile lubricants designed for various industrial machinery ensure smooth operation and long service life.
  • Straight Oils: High-quality lubricants for specific applications, providing enhanced protection and performance.
  • Aerosols: Convenient and easy-to-apply aerosol lubricants for various industrial applications, ensuring effective lubrication and protection.

Environmentally Aware Solutions

Rock Oil is committed to developing industrial lubricants that meet the performance demands of various sectors and consider the environmental impact. Our products are designed to help reduce waste, minimise energy consumption, and promote eco-friendly solutions throughout industrial processes.

Contact Us for More Information on Industrial Lubricants

At Rock Oil, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality industrial lubricants and support products, ensuring your equipment performs at its best under the most challenging conditions. Our team of experts is always available to discuss your requirements and recommend the ideal products for your industrial applications. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial lubricants range and discover how we can help you enhance your equipment’s performance, efficiency, and reliability.