At Rock Oil, we utilise our extensive expertise in 2-stroke and 4-stroke lubricants to produce an exceptional range of marine lubricants suitable for both inboard and outboard applications. Among this diverse array of top-tier lubricants, we are particularly proud to have achieved the esteemed NMMA certification for our leading marine lubricants, MP3 Ultra and MP+ Sport, reflecting the exceptional standards we consistently uphold across our product range.

NMMA Approved Marine Lubricants

MP3 ULTRA is an advanced synthetic engine oil designed for the latest generation, high-stress Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) 2-stroke outboard engines. Certified by NMMA TC-W3®, MP3 ULTRA is optimised for high-performance engines like Mercury® EFI & Optimax®, Yamaha® HPDI, Suzuki®, and Mariner®*. It blends with typical 2-stroke engine oils and delivers maximum engine protection, corrosion resistance, and superior performance.

MP+ SPORT is a high-performance semi-synthetic engine oil, specially designed for 4-stroke outboard high-output petrol and diesel engines requiring NMMA FC-W Catalyst Compatible® specification. Its advanced marine formula assures maximum engine protection, and resistance to corrosion and deposits, whilst enhancing performance and engine longevity.

We proudly offer a broad spectrum of marine lubricants formulated to meet specific performance and application needs. Every product in our range reflects our commitment to quality and performance, ensuring a suitable solution for every customer’s requirements.

Eco-friendly Products

Our eco-friendly products, like Bio Marine 3, show our commitment to environmental sustainability. This bio-degradable, ester-based fluid delivers outstanding performance while remaining environmentally responsible. With advanced ashless additives, Bio Marine 3 optimises power whilst prolonging the life of 2-stroke outboard engines.

Additional Marine Products

Beyond marine lubricants, we also provide gear oils, hydraulic steering fluid, greases, and coolants. Our MG Universal Marine Grease and MG Stern Tube Grease are high-quality, water-resistant greases suitable for marine outboard and inboard engines. For excellent freeze protection, our Kool-Guard series of pre-mixed, ready-to-use antifreeze and coolants are perfect for boats, motor homes, mobile homes, and pools, providing long-lasting corrosion defence.

Contact Rock Oil for further assistance or specific product recommendations for your marine application, telephone our sales team on 01925 636191 or visit our product catalogue and read more about our marine lubricants.

*Note: Always refer to the engine manufacturer’s specific lubricant recommendations.