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Looking for alternatives to lithium based grease?

As the world progresses from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles, there will be a greater demand for lithium. According to NLGI, lithium greases account for more than 75% of global lithium consumption. As the production of electric vehicles increases, so will the lithium demand. Lithium consumption is expected to significantly increase on a global scale, with an anticipated 20,000 tons per year to 50,000 tons per year by 2025—ultimately, impacting both the cost and supply of lithium greases. All this not-withstanding the added effect of the conflict in Ukraine placing still more pressure on both supply and cost of Lithium.

As the industrial and automotive markets continue to evolve, sourcing an alternative to lithium grease alternatives is imperative. Calcium sulfonate greases serve as an excellent alternative as they feature exceptional versatility as well as high anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. While there is currently no official mandate to implement the switch from lithium greases to calcium sulfonate greases, this new alternative can serve as an effective and economical choice for users. The versatility of Calcium Sulfonate greases compared to Lithium Greases is comparable in virtually all segments of the industry, including food where Calcium Sulfonate offers tangible benefits.