Mining Equipment Lubricants

Mining Lubricants

At Rock Oil, we offer a tailored range of mining equipment lubricants specifically designed for mining applications, including eco-friendly and biodegradable options. Mining operations trust our high-quality products in regions worldwide, such as Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. These regions encompass diverse environments, from arid deserts to high-altitude mountains and extreme cold.

Mining Conditions and Protecting Your Machines

Mining equipment lubrication faces demanding conditions such as contamination risks, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads. Rock Oil’s mining lubricants, including grease, coolants, and engine oils for engines, safeguard your valuable machinery, ensuring exceptional performance, dependability, and safety, which in turn helps lessen the likelihood of downtime and equipment failure. As well as reducing lubricating costs, decreasing energy use, fuel consumption, and oil waste.

With Rock Oil lubricants, your machines are protected, allowing for extended service life, reduced maintenance costs, and increased machine performance and availability, ultimately enhancing productivity and minimising downtime outlay. Our product range includes lubricant coverage for specialised rock drilling applications, providing optimal performance in demanding drilling conditions.

Mobile and Fixed Mining Equipment

Catering for both mobile and fixed mining equipment, Rock Oil’s lubricants include engine oils, transmission oils, greases, hydraulic oils, gear oils, and coolants for mobile equipment. These lubricants are formulated to exceed OEM requirements and protect your equipment in harsh conditions. For fixed equipment, such as grinding mills and kilns, we understand the challenges faced at the mine site, including high shutdown costs, maintaining safety for lubrication operations, extending the lifetime of critical assets, and managing harsh environments and energy consumption. Our range of gears, grease, open gears, compressor, and hydraulic lubricants are designed to solve each challenge head-on.

Sustainable and Efficient Mining Operations

Supporting sustainable and efficient mining operations for all types of mining equipment, our range of mining lubricants includes synthetic and high-performance mineral-based options. We aim to ensure that your equipment performs at its best while seeking opportunities to reduce operational costs at the mine site.

Eco-Friendly Lubricants

In addition to conventional lubrication technologies, Rock Oil offers eco-friendly and biodegradable lubricants that deliver uncompromised performance. We have developed top-quality eco-friendly mining products based on our expertise in producing environmentally friendly lubricants for other industries, such as marine and agriculture.

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