TRUCK-GUARD Elite LS FE 5W-20 Receives Scania LDF-5 approval

Tuesday, 11 October, 2022
TRUCK-GUARD Elite LS FE 5W-20 is the latest launch for the successful and well-established range of TRUCK-GUARD lubricants. Utilising the very highest quality components it is a low viscosity, fully synthetic, heavy duty diesel engine oil, engineered to universally fulfil the ultra-high performance diesel (UHPD) requirements of major engine builders, specifically Scania and MAN.

It has been engineered for Scania where LDF-5 is required, as well as the latest 13-litre Scania engines: DC13 173, DC13 174, DC13 175 and DC13 176 MAN trucks fitted with Euro VI d D26 and D38 engines. In addition to MAN buses equipped with the Euro VI d D26LOH engine which requires a lubricant to meet the stringent M3977 specification. As part of the introduction of the Euro VI-d emissions standard for commercial vehicles by law, MAN has published the MAN M 3977 specification. The specification has been specially designed to lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2- and exhaust emissions in new MAN Euro VI-d engines.

This latest generation grade provides outstanding protection and fuel economy when used in harsh applications, and ensures significantly extended drain intervals over conventional Low SAPS lubricants in accordance with OEM recommendations. In addition, due to its very low viscosity, it shows extreme fuel economy capacity offering a real cost benefit for operators.

Tuesday, 11 October, 2022