Rock Oil’s M.D. Tackles the World’s Toughest Races for Charity

Friday, 2 February, 2024

At Rock Oil, we believe in testing our products to the extreme, and our Managing Director Greg is no stranger to going a step further, as his participation in the 2021 Marathon des Sables will attest.

Not only did he compete in this unbelievable event, but he finished just outside the top 50 in the world and, as such, earned elite athlete status.

For most people, that would be enough, but not Greg, who has not only entered the 2024 Marathon des Sable but is also competing in another ultra event – the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc. Details on both events are below.

One is crazy……two, well, that’s just madness. For those who know our M.D., he’s not a person who does things by halves, and the Rock Oil team are proud to support him.

Rock Oil engineers products to function through arduous conditions and maintain optimum performance. It’s apt that Greg will push himself through the harshest environments TWICE! It requires research, training, and dedication that only a few can muster.

The Marathon des Sables is a six-day trek over 156 miles (250km) through the Sahara Desert. Over endless dunes, rocky hills, and across white-hot salt plains. With temperatures regularly reaching 50°C throughout. The rules are that you must be self-sufficient and carry all your food and equipment for the week. The MDS is the stuff of legends and a truly gruelling multi-stage adventure.

Secondly, Greg will be heading to the Alps in August to race in UTMB – TDS or, to give it its full name, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc – Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (following the footprints of the Dukes of Savoie). This single-stage race starts in Courmayeur in Italy and runs through the Alps over 150.5km, with over 9100m of elevation gained to finish in Chamonix, France. He will have just 44 hours to complete it.

As Greg is doing two events, he has supported two worthwhile causes. Please visit his Just Giving page below to learn more and donate if you can:

Greg’s Just Giving page and social media will provide regular progress updates and information on his training regime. In addition, we will run a series of articles in the coming weeks/months illustrating how much is involved in preparing for these arduous events.

The 2024 Marathon des Sables and Ultra Trail Mont Blanc are monstrous undertakings that we know Greg will conquer!

Friday, 2 February, 2024