Rock Oil Sponsorship Guidelines 2024

To provide guidance on how Rock Oil sponsored sporting competitors, teams, clubs, and events should represent our brand.


Prominent display of the Rock Oil logo on vehicle, transporter, race clothing, banners, literature, etc. – where appropriate:

  • Official Rock Oil logo available to download here:

Logos and Branding

  • Please follow the usage guidelines as detailed.
  • Use only logos from the official Rock Oil branding guide. Do not use logos from third-party sources, e.g. the Internet or graphic/print shops.
  • If you require the logo in a format other than available, please contact us.

Social Media: General

Follow Rock Oil social media accounts – where appropriate:

Like, Comment, Share Rock Oil social media posts.

Social Media: Racing/Event Activities

Tag Rock Oil on appropriate posts, where Rock Oil products/branding is displayed, for the purpose of Rock Oil liking/reposting.

Inform Rock Oil of racing/event activities & achievements via email, providing appropriate high-resolution photos/videos and quotes, for the purpose of Rock Oil creating social media content: sp*********@ro*****.uk

The Rock Oil Social Media Manager will work with you if required

Social Media: Product Use/Review

Post photos/videos of product use under general conditions.

  • Mixture of close up (on the product) & wide angle (including you/vehicle/team using the product).
  • Use of products with opinions expressed that are not to the detriment of the product used or to Rock Oil as a whole:

Example A – Synthesis 2 Racing compared to a competitor’s product, with the competitor’s product being described as ‘better’. Regardless of the circumstances. This is an example of a reasonable and non-detriment opinion.

Example B – Synthesis 2 Racing is awful and should never be used to complete example activity. Example of a detriment opinion.

Do not promote competitive products that could appear as a conflict of interest.

Please contact Rock Oil for guidance if required.

Sponsorship Period

Successful applicants of Rock Oil Product Sponsorship will receive support from Rock Oil during the current season.

Previous Rock Oil sponsorship does not guarantee sponsorship for the current or future seasons.
Applicants are required to reapply each season.

Code of Conduct

Actions/Comments unbecoming of Rock Oil’s standards, or breach of racing championship or a social media platform’s community guideline will result in immediate removal of Rock Oil sponsorship.