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Transclean Plus is specially formulated complex blend of raw materials capable of dealing with the many of soiling found on commercial vehicles.

Product Code: 26321

Diluted to less than 2 parts per hundred in final use, depending upon the type of equipment used

For use with pressurised hot and cold water to clean commercial vehicle bodywork and chassis

Low caustic content

Improves vehicle rinsing and impart a waxy-type finish to further reduce soiling

Directions for use

Portable Pressure Washers:

Final dilution as the product leaves the lance should be 1 part Transclean Plus to 50-100 parts water. (1% – 2% concentration).  Product may need to be diluted before being fed into the machine.

Automatic Brush Washers: 

Use Transclean Plus at a concentration of 1 part concentrate to 100-200 parts water. (0.5% – 1% concentration)

Automatic Spray Arches:

Use Transclean Plus at a concentration of 2-3 parts concentrate to 200 parts water. (1% – 1.5% concentration)

Transclean Plus is specifically formulated to work at these dilutions under normal conditions. It should not be used on hot metal, and should not be allowed to dry before rinsing, as these more aggressive conditions may cause damage to paintwork etc.

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Pack Sizes
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