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A high-performance ethylene glycol-based engine coolant which employs Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology and silicates (Si-OAT coolant). It is a pre-diluted (with high quality water) product and should only be used as a complete engine coolant.

Product Code: 10980

Free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, and borates.
Protects from engine corrosion, overheating and frost.
Effectively protects engines against corrosion and deposits in the cooling system with its vital parts, the coolant channels in the engine block and cylinder head, the radiator, the water pump and the heater core.
Unlike traditional coolants, KOOL-GUARD Si-OAT -38 has excellent hard water stability and very low inhibitor depletion rates.
Compatible with most other ethylene glycol-based coolants, but for optimum performance and durability, we recommend that before using KOOL-GUARD Si-OAT -38 in systems previously filled with traditional coolant, the cooling system is drained and flushed with clean water before filling with KOOL-GUARD Si-OAT -38 following the vehicle manufacturers instructions.

Performance Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

AS 2108-2004
ASTM D 3306, D 4985, D 6210
SAE J1034
ÖNORM V 5123
CUNA NC 956-16
JIS K 2234:2006
SANS 1251:2005
SH 0521-1999
BS 6580:2010
VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda / TL 774-G
Lamborghini / Bentley
Mercedes/Daimler Truck MB 325.5 (DTFR 29C120)
MAN MAN 324 Type Si-OAT
Porsche From MY 1996
JCB JCB Si-OAT Antifreeze

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