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A high performance diesel fuel additive designed to increases fuel efficiency, therefore reducing overall fuel costs.

Fuel-Guard C is designed to work with all types of diesel engines, especially Euro IV, V and VI emission compliant vehicles.  It is also backwards compatible with Euro III and older vehicles and plant equipment.

Product Code: 04830

Contains a unique cetane improver and combustion efficiency improver which provides increased MPG (trials have shown up to 5% improvement in MPG)

Reduces maintenance costs and downtime for repairs

Reduces harmful exhaust emissions – by increasing cetane and incorporating a detergency additive – reducing the fleet operators’ impact on the environment

Cleans and lubricates injectors and fuel systems, which improves engine efficiency and can prevent premature pump failure

Low treatment rate makes Fuel-Guard C extremely cost effective and easy to store

Inhibits corrosion and prevents fuel from ageing.

No harmful side effects

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Pack Sizes
Depending on the range, Rock Oil products are available in multiple sizes, including 400ml aerosols and 1L / 4L / 5L / 20L / 210L / bulk containers.