A brand new ultra-high efficiency VCS-2 coolant by Rock Oil

Tuesday, 31 January, 2023
The Rock Oil R&D team have developed an ultra-high efficiency coolant to meet the latest compliance requirements for Volvo coolants specifically the latest VCS-2 requirement for new Volvo trucks. This latest generation clear orange coolant supersedes the current yellow VCS coolant, though is backwards compatible and can be mixed with the yellow-coloured VCS coolant if required. This Volvo coolant also covers many other specifications and manufacturers such as Dennis Eagle. It has the same service interval as VCS. The inhibitor package in VCS-2 is free of 2-EHA and meets regulatory changes with higher demands on removing toxic components in the coolant to improve health and the environment.

KOOL-GUARD PSi-OAT is a high-performance, MEG-based engine coolant which employs Organic Acid Inhibitor Technology to guarantee optimised performance and provide supreme protection from corrosion to high-power engines and their metals, therefore giving an exceptional long-life performance. This is due to its premium formulation containing thermal stable additives, ensuring protection under the highest thermal loadings of modern engines. Using Volvo VCS-2 antifreeze in conjunction with the latest TRUCK-GUARD high efficiency, low viscosity commercial engine lubricant will ensure that the vehicle will perform optimally under all conditions ensuring maximum performance, reliability and efficiency for fleet managers.

Unlike traditional coolants, it has excellent hard water stability and very low inhibitor depletion rates. It is compatible with most other ethylene glycol-based coolants but for optimum performance and durability, it is recommended that prior to using KOOL-GUARD PSi-OAT in systems previously filled with traditional coolant, the cooling system is drained and flushed with clean water before filling with KOOL-GUARD PSi-OAT, diluted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers instructions. We recommend a 50% dilution with good-quality water. Diluted at this level it is effective at temperatures down to -38°C.

It is available as both a concentrate and pre-mix and is available in 1000L IBC, 200L DRUM and 20L.

Tuesday, 31 January, 2023