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ULTRA HIGH TEMP 2 GREASE is an industrial, extreme temperature, medium consistency, plain and rolling bearing grease for applications of operating temperatures up to 600oC. It is a dispersion of fine particle size graphite, incorporated in a synthetic fluid which evaporates cleanly at high temperatures without leaving abrasive ash deposits.

ULTRA HIGH TEMP 2 GREASE is primarily designed for extreme temperature operations such as kiln car bearings, furnace door and drying tunnel mechanisms.

At very high temperatures, conventional high temperature greases have severe limitations as their performance is restricted by their base fluid and thickener systems. These degrade at high temperatures destroying the grease structure so shortening the useful working life of the grease. ULTRA HIGH TEMP 2 GREASE is designed so that, at elevated temperatures, its liquid phase evaporates without leaving abrasive carbon deposits.

Product Code: 65820
  • No carbonisation at high temperatures, greatly reduces maintenance costs and extends component life.
  • Graphite lubricating film reduces wear
  • Eliminates bearing seizure caused by deposits

ULTRA HIGH TEMP 2 GREASE must be applied sparingly, preferably by hand, after fitting and before assembling the bearing housing. It can also be applied as a service lubricant by high pressure grease gun.

Anti-friction bearing housings need to be vented so not to inhibit the evaporation process of the base fluid. (On anti-friction bearings, over lubrication must be avoided as this could lead to an excessive build-up of graphite in the rolling elements of the bearing).

Bearings need to be purged of the previous grease before starting to use ULTRA HIGH TEMP 2 GREASE

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