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Synthesis Highway 5W-30

Synthesis Highway 5W-30

Synthesis Highway 5W-30 is a high-performance lubricant, produced from advanced additives in combination with state-of-the-art synthetic base stocks to provide an advanced lubricating oil to cope with the modern demands of passenger cars. Synthesis Highway 5W-30 is part of the Synthesis Highway range. The Synthesis Highway range is specially formulated to exceed the latest OEM demands for fuel economy, engine cleanliness, wear, and hardware compatibility.

Product Code: 07550
  • Outstanding contribution to fuel economy
  • Advanced synthetic
  • Enhanced low-temperature capabilities for outstanding cold weather starting
  • Excellent protection in the most stressful of modern engines
  • Millions of miles of proven real-world performance
  • OEM recognised technology
  • Fully supported performance claims with complete datasets held by Rock Oil Research & Technology
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