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SPC 15 WOM Medicinal Quality White Oil

SPC 15 WOM Medicinal Quality White Oil

A highly refined liquid paraffin, colourless, odourless, and tasteless product, conforming to the purity standards of various national pharmacopoeia.

In the pharmaceutical industry white oils are used extensively in ointments; they act as carriers/dispersants where materials of soft consistency or high degree of emolliency are required. They are used as a basis for internal medicines, for which purpose they are often compounded into emulsions. In the cosmetics industry they are widely employed as solvents/dispersants in cleansing creams, lotions and lipsticks, where their properties permit problem free colouring/perfuming. They are easier to emulsify and do not become rancid – unlike some natural fatty materials previously used in cosmetics.

In the food industry white oils are used in the manufacture of polyethylene; and as plasticizers and release agents in the manufacture of plastics (such as polystyrene) used in food packaging. In the food processing industry typical applications include dough-divider oils, anti-foamants, release agents in the preparation of dehydrated fruit, and as constituents of both coatings and wrapping papers for fruit and vegetables, to reduce moisture loss and retard bacterial growth.

NOTE: Food-processing regulations vary from country to country. Check the oil specification meets national legislation

Product Code: 22960

Meets the highest purity requirements for use in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and food industries

Colourless and odourless

Exhibit high stability towards oxidation

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