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A high performance, fast acting biocide suitable for use in watermix metalworking fluids, fuels and heating oils.

Product Code: 24010

Directions For Use

For contaminated diesel fuel, 200 – 500 ppm of Multipurpose Biocide is generally sufficient (this corresponds to 0.2 – 0.5 litres per 1000L of diesel fuel).

As a result of the good stability of Multipurpose Biocide in diesel fuel, after three months’ storage at room temperature more than 80 % of the initial concentration was still detected.  Multipurpose Biocide can thus ensure adequate long-term protection even with low concentrations of 50 – 200 ppm.

In case of microbial contamination of tank systems that is already visible or is causing technical problems, e.g. if filter blockages frequently occur, we recommend shock dosing with 500 – 1000 ppm (0.5-1 litres per 1000L of diesel fuel) of Multipurpose Biocide.

Multipurpose Biocide is best added to the dewatered tank that is about a third full.

When the tank is filled, the product is mixed into the system. The dosage must be related to the total volume. In cases of heavy fouling, the system should, if possible, be cleaned before Multipurpose Biocide is used.

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Pack Sizes
Depending on the range, Rock Oil products are available in multiple sizes, including 400ml aerosols and 1L / 4L / 5L / 20L / 210L / bulk containers.