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A high performance, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid based on water-glycol technology. It is designed for use in hazardous environments where an ISO VG 46 viscosity fluid is required and where leakage of conventional oil-based media would present a serious fire hazard.

Typical applications include; pressure diecasting machines, injection moulding machines, furnace tilting equipment, forging and extrusion presses, welding plant fixtures, regulators and controls, glass forming machines, ingot manipulators, fork lift trucks, cranes and any other applications where product type and viscosity is appropriate.

Product Code: 23050
  • Extensively tested to ensure that it gives satisfactory life to all system components. Particular care has been paid to the performance in vane-type hydraulic pumps (which can be susceptible to wear with water-based fluids).
  • Water Glycol fluids are unique among fire-resistant hydraulic media in that they will not burn even when sprayed into the flame of any oxy-acetylene torch. They are far superior to other types of fluids in their resistance to ignition in strong oxidising atmospheres
  • Fully inhibited to prevent corrosion of ferrous and most non-ferrous alloys with which it may come into contact. In addition, a vapour-phase corrosion inhibitor is incorporated to prevent an attack on metals above the fluid surface.
  • Kunar 88/46 is not suitable for use with either cadmium or zinc coatings (unless they have been passivated) and aluminium should preferably be hard anodised. Aluminium rubbing contacts should be avoided altogether.
  • Suitable for use with common paint coatings such as Cured Epoxy, Phenolic and Nylon based materials. The painting of the interior of hydraulic fluid reservoirs is not recommended.
  • May be used satisfactorily with synthetic rubber hydraulic seals and packing such as Butyl, EPR (incl. EPDM), Viton, Teflon, Nylon, Silicone, Buna, Neoprene and Natural Rubber
  • When changing over to Kunar 88/46 from Mineral Oil or other types, care must be taken to ensure that existing filter media are suitable for use with water-based fluids. Filtration using Fullers Earth as a medium is not recommended, as this may remove essential additives from the fluid.
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Pack Sizes
Depending on the range, Rock Oil products are available in multiple sizes, including 400ml aerosols and 1L / 4L / 5L / 20L / 210L / bulk containers.