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Heat Transfer Fluid N

Heat Transfer Fluid N

Heat Transfer N is a high quality mineral oil with an anti oxidation additive to prolong service life, possessing low vapour pressure, selected for high levels of specific heat and thermal stability.

Product Code: 26032

Excellent heat transfer properties and consistently high heat transfer performance
Ease of circulation even when a system is started from cold
Contains all essential characteristics for a long and trouble – free service


Heat Transfer N is recommended for non-pressurized closed liquid phase heating systems operating at bulk fluid temperatures of up to 320°C.
Such systems are used widely in the food, construction, plastics, timber and metal industries, as well as in laundries, on ships and where waste heat is extracted from flue gases.
Despite the excellent oxidation stability of Heat Transfer N, various precautions must be taken to minimise exposure to air, especially if the temperatures of the fluid in the expansion chamber are anticipated to exceed 50°C.

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