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Factory Foam Filter Oil

Factory Foam Filter Oil

Factory Foam Filter Oil, the perfect complement to Factory Foam Kleen, is a high-performance, specially formulated oil that provides maximum protection for your motorcycle’s air filter.

Extensive testing in the harshest of conditions, ranging from the desert dust to the cold, wet bogs of Wales; our premium blend of synthetic oils creates a durable barrier against dirt, dust and debris, keeping your air filter in top condition. The oil is also water-resistant, which ensures that your filter will continue to perform even in the most demanding and challenging riding conditions.

Factory Foam Filter Oil will not only remove the finest dust particles, but it is also highly resistant to emulsification in cold, wet conditions and effectively maintains the air flow needed to provide top performance from your engine.

Regular use of Factory Foam Filter Oil will keep your air filter performing at its best, extending its lifespan and helping your motorcycle to run more efficiently. With Factory Foam Filter Oil, you’ll be able to ride with the peace of mind knowing that your air filter is protected and ready for whatever the trails throw your way.

Product Code: 07060
  • Clean air filter using Factory Foam Kleen and allow filter to dry naturally.
  • Completely immerse filter in Factory Foam Filter Oil for 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Remove from oil & squeeze out excess.
  • Allow to dry completely before use – generally this takes 2-3 hours depending on ambient air temperature.
  • Available in 1 litre bottle and aerosol form.
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