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Chilltec 100 is a food-grade inhibited propylene glycol specialist fluid for use in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems, industrial heat transfer systems, and food industry chilling and freezing systems.

Product Code: 60005

Freeze Protection – Protect your systems down to -50°C. Eliminate the cost and nuisance associated with freeze damage

Corrosion Protection – Prolong the life of your capital plant by protecting against the corrosive attack of water and uninhibited glycols

Safety – Eliminate the risk of leakage for food and non-food applications. Protect your employees- safe to handle

Secondary Heat Transfer- Reduce your system maintenance and extend the life expectancy of your heat transfer fluid

Prevents freeze burst problems in schools, offices, vacant property, caravans etc

Protects water systems in marine and recreational vehicles from freezing and bursting

Protects industrial pre-heating coils during severe conditions

It is strongly advised that in areas of hard water, CHILLTEC 100 is diluted with demineralised or de-ionised water.

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