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AUTO-GUARD SCREENWASH ASC is a specially formulated screen wash concentrate for year round use. A high performance blend of solvents and detergents, AUTO-GUARD SCREENWASH ASC is specifically designed to remove traffic film and dirt quickly and efficiently from vehicle windscreens.

Product Code: 08780
  • Contains detergents to help shift dirt and traffic film from the screen
  • Special formulation helps wiper blades glide smoothly over the screen and eliminates annoying judder.
  • It softens hard deposits to give wipers a better chance of removing them and contains ingredients to prevent smearing
  • Suitable for all year round use in line with recommended dilutions.
  • Prevent the washer bottles, pipes, and pumps from freezing at temperatures down to –20°
  • Help prevent the icing of nozzles that are exposed to the icy blast of the slipstream.
  • Can be safely mixed with water at a range of concentrations to optimise its efficient usage as well as ensuring its suitability for use under the most extreme climate conditions


Recommended for all windscreen washer systems on all vehicles, including cars, vans, HGV’s and PSV’s.

Can be used at various concentrations for summer or winter use as follows:

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