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2.5/D Calibration Fluid

2.5/D Calibration Fluid

2.5/D Calibration Fluid is specially formulated for the calibration of Diesel injectors.

It may also be used as a corrosion preventative for fuel systems on Diesel engines when not in use, such as new vehicles, tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Product Code: 14350

Viscosity: tightly controlled in a narrow range to provide exact results in gauged injectors

Corrosion protection: formulated with additives to protect injectors and the fuel system from corrosion in the presence of water

Oxidation Stability: contains inhibitors that help to prevent the formation of gums, acids and other oxidation products even after long storage periods

High flash point: does not contain volatile fractions, makes easier handling and storage

Performance Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

ISO 4113

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Pack Sizes
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